Wisdom from a Church in Mountain Home, AR

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churches in mountain home ArkansasWhile listening to some new worship music on YouTube I happened to come across a video with a message that really impacted me. Before going into the song, the guitar player starting talking about what had happened to them (him and his wife) in the past year. Their newborn baby had been struggling with a medical problem, and sadly, instead of pulling through it, they lost the baby.

Immediately I felt uncomfortable about him being on stage saying these things. Why is this so sad? This isn’t inspiring at all! How can he even be up there, singing about Jesus, when his baby was taken from him before the age of one? It doesn’t seem fair does it?

He talked about how his prayers were not answered. He had prayed for his baby to be cured, but it didn’t happen.

Yet he and his wife remained on stage, singing beautiful worship songs to the Lord.

He says that this sad experience has only taught him to be closer to God, not further.

Many Christians, whether non-denominational or not, begin to lose faith at the first suggestion of bad things happening in their lives.

If you attend any churches in Mountain Home AR, you might be familiar with some of these parables.

Jesus discusses this multiple times in the Bible – saying that those who lose faith at the first sight of suffering are like crops sowed in rocky soil – they believe, but they can’t take root. As soon as a small wind, or gusty wind comes up, they are uprooted and immediately loose their way. The wind is suffering – when things don’t go as planned, do you loose your faith?

Check out the parable of the sower, Mathew 13.

Another time Jesus talks about the foundation of a house being built on sand versus on steady ground. A house built on sand will fall down as soon as a storm comes.

This worship leader’s faith was built in good, fertile soil. He did not loose faith, even though he lost his baby. Instead, he believed in God that much more.

A cancer diagnoses causes many emotions in a person. But a lack of faith should not be one of them, even when it seems like the recovery plan is not going how you or your family has planned. God has a plan. Trust Him.

Aerial Yoga for Health

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Today I had a friend take me to this aerial/gymnastics type gym in Denver. It was like nothing else I’ve ever seen. The ceilings were incredibly high, and hung all around were this long fabrics (they call them silks) and these acrobatic people were climbing them to the top, and doing all kinds of tricks on them! Ok, I never knew my friend was into circus stuff, and I never knew I could learn circus tricks right outside of Denver.

These aerial dancers are so flexible! They were doing all kinds of crazy moves on the fabrics. And these fabrics are hung HIGH. Trust me. Some of the time they were just doing these flexible pose like moves, but other times they were spinning like crazy, and sliding down the fabric. It looks super fun, but when they let me try it I couldn’t even climb the fabric very high! Its harder than climbing a regular rope, because the fabric is all silky and bouncy.

There was all kinds of other circus equipment in there too. Trapeze bars, giant swinging hoops, aerial yoga hammock, mats, jumps, and all kinds of stuff. It was pretty awesome. If I ever have kids, maybe I’ll enroll them in some sort of circus classes like that. Its not often you hear “hey do you want to come to my kid’s acrobatic performance at the circus?”

Plus, I think these people (acrobatics or aerial dancers) train really hard. Some people you could tell were just like me, just normal people doing something fun and interesting. But the regulars that were in there are serious aerial acrobats. Some of them perform all over the world in an aerial dance festival and all kinds of different performances.

ANYWAY – the point is, these people need good photographers to capture these awesome and beautiful moments during shows. I think I am that person. How cool would it be to shoot photos of sparkly, flexible, talented aerial dancers all day?

For one reason or the other, in this busy world, even the most responsible person can get into trouble with the law. This can happen either knowingly or unknowingly. These situations can occur without warning and be completely unavoidable.?It is in these events that a bail bondsman can be of essential service. When an individual is incarcerated they may not have to knowledge, resources, or cash on hand to secure their release. It us up to the bail agent to loan the money to the defendant so they can be released and free before they appear in court. Why is this important? The defendant who stays in jail risks losing their job, or failing to meet important obligations.

Posting a bond as a bail bondsmen isn’t without risk however. There rests some responsibility on the loaner to ensure the defendant appears in court.

For servicing as bondsmen:

The first step in getting certified is contacting the Colorado Bail Bond Association?or other notable organization in your state. Here they will be provide?you with an?array of instructions regarding everything that is required . ?Each and every step is so simple and one can easily go through them with the help of an agent or association representative. Following is a simple step by step guide to get you started on the right path.

  1. The individual who wishes to be a bondmen must have committed any significant crimes. He shouldn’t have any claims of crime under his name. If there are any, it will?be really difficult to get a license from the investigation bureau.
  2. In order to ensure the above mentioned step, each and every individual has to submit their finger prints to the criminal bureau.
  3. Once this criminal bureau has given you a green signal, ?you will then be eligible to get issued with a certificate of training.
  4. A certification of training is essential from every recovery program or from an accredited organization. These people will be conducting two types of courses.
  5. The?courses are relatively straight forward and not at all time consuming. It is easy for each and every individual to get qualified in them. However check for the fees with them before you commence the training.
  6. There are several organizations that offer the courses and exams, so be sure to?check all the centers where these courses are conducted.
  7. After completing the coursework, you will then need to apply for the exam by scheduling the date as per your convenience.
  8. Once you get qualified with a good score?you will have completed all of the steps necessary to be certified.
  9. Now all you need to do is start your practice and gain proper knowledge. It is also recommend to work with an existing agency to build up experience.

This is just a general guide of Colorado Bail Bonds Information?and there are lots more to know about them.?A particularly large agency that operates throughout the state of Colorado is All Day All Night Bail Bonds, reaching out to them and asking the right questions may also help you move forward on your journey of working in the industry.

Is Ormus Gold Safe to Consume?

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The Safe and Healthy Consumption of Ormus Gold

Findings of one of the prominent scientists, David Hudson, state that ORMUS is present in air, plants, soil, sea and even the stones. ORMUS elements are even embedded into DNA structure of both plants as well as animals. ORMUS Gold comprises essential minerals, which are crucial to the health and development of human bodies. Many of the human bodies are missing them. They are considered to be an essential part of the skin, blood, brain, nails, hair and other organs of the body.

Is ORMUS Gold safe to consume?

The creation of ORMUS Gold takes places when metallic gold is concentrated to 99.9%. Studies state that consuming gold is totally non-toxic. Even the USFDA considers that gold is a very safe additive for food as well as a skincare supplement.

Necessity of using ORMUS Gold

ORMUS Gold helps to decelerate the ageing cycle and curb its beginning. Incidents like wrinkled skin, greying hair and other general signs of ageing process can possibly be slowed down through ORMUS Gold. Further, ORMUS helps keep the brain active. It boosts the memory, even in elderly aged people. ORMUS Gold is a powerful and effective cleansing agent. It helps the body get rid of different harmful toxins, which are present in there.


The Usage of ORMUS Gold

ORMUS Gold can either be consumed internally or even applied topically. Most of the high quality ORMUS Gold products are available in the form of dropper. For the purpose of external application, one need to place 1-2 droppers falls on the skin, either in morning or evening. It is advisable that ORMUS Gold is applied on any area on the body that is required to be healed or rejuvenated. It might also be applied on skin if there are external problems. If one desires to consume ORMUS Gold

Internally, the person needs to place one dropper fall under the tongue every day, either in morning or evening. The fall needs to be held under the tongue for minimum five minutes. People can even ingest ORMUS Gold through green powders available in plants that grow in soil enriched with ORMUS. One can even add such powders to juices or smoothies.

Frequency of Consumption

Consumption of ORMUS Gold is gradually becoming important among the people. It has said to be working prominently in healing many ailments. Recent research and development on the metal states that compared to consuming a huge quantity of ORMUS Gold at once, once should consume a little amount over a period of time. People who are familiar with muscle testing as well as Applied Kinesiology can decide the right dosage of ORMUS Gold for themselves. Reportedly, people have benefitted with half to full dropper fall of ORMUS Gold by placing it under their tongues once or twice a day. Even when one feels the requirement of extra energy, one can consume it.

Contrary to popular notion, ORMUS elements differ in many ways from their metallic counterparts. The reason for this being, that atoms spin at a high speed in ORMUS elements as compared to ordinary atoms.

You might be reading it fast because you think that situation can become worst for you. Well hold a second, feel relax first as we are going to talk about the same. Feeling relax is important but people have reasons to loss their consciousness and stay in depression. There are many people who suffer from this problem and of course there are different reasons for different people to do so. This state of mind is commonly considered as anxiety in which majority of people think continuously on a topic or about its final outcome. A lot of people are having personal reasons as well to suffer from this problem. Is there an over the counter anxiety medication?

This is one of the most common questions that often declare its presence in many minds. To know the answer, just continue your reading. When it comes to treating anxiety, many people turns towards smoking or alcoholism but that’s not an over the counter cure or solution to this problem. There is always a need for you to go for approaches that are legally and are recommended by an expert. Some of these cures are listed below.

Get natural diets with more magnesium

Magnesium always cut down the level of depression or stress up to an excellent extent. It is because of this reason it is widely considered as one of the best solutions to the concerned problem. It helps you to stay in a good mood and behave normally even in a situation that is totally unfavorable for you. There are lots of diets that are having great amount of magnesium in them and they can be taken anytime. There is no need for you to worry on anything when you consider them.

Learn accepting, facing and controlling the fears, take?herbs for anxiety and depression.

One of the best cures for anxiety treatment is focusing on fear which is the root cause to this problem. It is always better for you to accept the same rather than running away from it. Accepting the same helps you to stop worrying about it and this is exactly what that can cut down the level of anxiety. You can simply accept it by knowing the probability of its final outcome. Know the alternative solution of what that makes you worry as it helps you a lot in this matter. Once you accept it, there is nothing much you need to do to control and to face it.

Get vitamin B in more amounts

A well known cure against anxiety is vitamin B. There are lots of sources of it and you can consider them very easily and without worrying on anything. However you must make it sure that you are going for natural sources of Vitamin B. Actually it helps your mind to feel calm and can help avoiding the concerned problem up to an excellent extent.

Search on internet and prepare a report

A lot of researches are researching on over the counter cure for anxiety and there is always something new on the internet that can be useful for you. Use the power of search engines and prepare a report that can help you to take necessary actions against the problem.

Safety Procedures Regarding At-Home Cancer Treatments

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Many long term or terminal cancer patients are opting to go for treatment in their own homes. This way, all the hours that they are forced to spend under the machines can be done from the comfort of their own bed and home. The medical community is both for and against at-home cancer treatment, particularly because of the risks involved.

The medical professionals that are against home cancer treatment, are the proponents of the benefits of being close to the hospital in case of an emergency. Also, they believe that hospital resources can be better, because at home there are risks of machines being disconnected, not set-up correctly, and so on. On the other hand, the doctors and nurses who support the endeavor say that cancer patients can get better more quickly and easily by being in an environment where they feel safe, comfortable, and confident, and surrounded by those who love them. They also feel that, for terminal cancer patients, it is much better to spend those last days in a place that you enjoy, rather than a small hospital room.

Patients are reminded that when and if they choose to have their medical supplies stored in the home, that home security must be checked and of the utmost quality. Alarm systems must be installed, and proper locks and?gun safes denver co?must be used to hold valuables and unnecessary drugs and medications. As unfortunate as it is seems, these added precautions are enforced because of the rapid growth of patients opting in for drug treatment at home, and criminals are learning more and more that they can easily find lots of pain medications in the home of a home treated cancer patient. Further more, a cancer patient is more than likely unable to stop an intruder if the unfortunate situation does arise, and therefore gives the burglar little to no risk. When this happens, the hospital in charge is forced to compensate for the stolen goods, or the cancer patient themselves if their insurance is able to cover such a thing.

Other considerations are your at-home nurses, how many you decide to hire, and how often they will be around. It really depends on how much care a given patient needs, because some do fine with just a daily check-in, while others need a 24 hour nurse available to assist them. Keep in mind that the amount of time needed will increase the total cost of live-in cancer treatment programs, and most insurance programs only cover so many nursing hours.

Is home care the right choice?

Cancer patients often feel more comfortable and secure being cared for at home. Many patients want to stay at home so they will not be separated from family, friends, and familiar surroundings. Home care can help patients achieve this desire. It often involves a team approach that includes doctors, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, family members, and others.

Home care can be both rewarding and demanding for patients and caregivers. It can change relationships and require families to address new issues and cope with all aspects of patient care. To help prepare for these changes, patients and caregivers are encouraged to ask questions and get as much information as possible from the home care team or organizations devoted to home care. A doctor, nurse, or social worker can provide information about a patient’s specific needs, the availability of home care services, and a list of local home care agencies.


  • Home care agencies may provide cancer patients with access to medical equipment; visits from registered nurses, physical therapists, and social workers; help with running errands, meal preparation, and personal hygiene; and delivery of medication.
  • Medicare may offer reimbursement for some home care services. Medicaid covers part-time nursing care and home care aide services, as well as medical supplies and equipment.
  • Veterans who are disabled as a result of military service can receive home care services from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Can Liposuction Surgery Cause Cancer?

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Liposuction is a risky yet extremely popular fat removal surgery. Many people have died during a routine or first liposuction performance, especially during the height of liposuction’s popularity when it first came out. Women, and sometimes men, are willing to risk their lives in order to remove unwanted fat without having to change their diet or exercise. For these reasons, liposuction has become a popular way to lose weight.

If you are searching for a liposuction alternative in Denver, sinocancer.org can help you out. Liposuction will soon be just a thing of the past, there are far too many risks associated with liposuction surgery, that is why its called surgery. Many doctors will continue to perform liposuction surgery simply because either they have not been educated on laser fat removal treatments yet, or they are too set in their ways to make the move toward something bigger and better. Even still, there will be many doctors that realize the increased benefits of laser fat treatment vs liposuction, but will continue to perform liposuction just because of the money it brings it from uneducated customers.

In a society in which beauty is often measured by slender bodies and youth, it is no wonder that thousands of Americans chase the “perfect” look by means of liposuction. Portrayed in upbeat tones and associated with Hollywood glamour, liposuction seems to offer instant help for unsightly bulges. Consumers checking out liposuction Web sites on the Internet are further assured by the positive information they find. There are liposuction risks, however, that few consumers understand. Learning the risks of liposuction is important, it will help you make a decision whether or not liposuction is right for you.

Generally, the biggest risk in any?liposuction?procedure is the risk of infection. Your?plastic surgeon?has been specifically trained to minimize this risk by following certain guidelines to keep your risk of infection down to a minimum. If you think you have an infection, you should immediately phone your doctor’s emergency contact number or 911. Signs of infections post-operatively may include: tenderness in a certain spot (at incision points/treated areas,) red streaks or redness on skin, vomiting, high fever beyond 101 degrees and chills associated with fever.

Other risks that have been reported but that happen infrequently include burns, embolisms, cardiac arrhythmia, edema, seroma, nerve compression and anesthesia-related problems. These are usually discussed in the medical literature provided by your?plastic surgeon, but you should ask him about them and get satisfactory answers to your questions.

United States Anti Cancer Networks

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The United States is a strong supported of anti-cancer endeavors. Especially at universities like Stanford, Harvard, and many more top ranked universities in America, studies and tests and research are always going on to try and discover more about cancer – the way it works and ultimately ?its cure and prevention.

Every state has its own anti-cancer connection network, and some go across states. You will surely be able to find a society in your area that supports both cancer sufferers and cancer survivors.

States that are particularly involved in the research for cancer prevention and cure are Colorado, Missouri, Pennsylvania, California, and New York. However, all states have cancer research programs going on at any given time.

There are also many Denver based companies that support anti-cancer networks, and funding for anti-cancer societies like us, including: denver movers – a professional moving company, Komen Race for the Cure, used furniture denver, and many more.

We are so thankful to have so many great Denver, and United States businesses helping toward goal of cancer treatment and prevention. Cancer effects so many lives, almost every single person regardless of race, nationality, culture, or anything else – has been touched by cancer and some point in their lives. Whether it has been themselves, a family member, or a friend, cancer awareness has never been more important.

Interested in cancer research across the world, including Asia, Japan, and China? The east has come very far with cancer research. Next article will be dedicated to this!

Lots of herbs and substances in nature besides tea leaves have been known to be healthy for the body, and believed to be possible cancer blockers in the human body. Here are a few more lesser known homeopathic ways to possibly prevent cancer. Disclaimer: None of the following things listed below has ever been FDA approved to be a treatment or prevention of cancer.

  1. Exercise – getting exercise is a powerful way to keep the body and blood circulation healthy, which means that the body’s cells are nurtured and cared for properly. The idea here is that the better care is taken of each individual cell within the body, the less the chance of a cell getting overcome by cancer, and spreading.
  2. Limiting processed foods, or GMO foods. There is no evidence behind this as of yet. However, it is believed that keeping a diet as natural as possible can help to limit the appearance and spread of cancer in the cells.
  3. Avoid excessive vitamins. There have been some studies to show that taking too many of any one manufactured vitamin (as in, vitamins and minerals that are built to be sold inside of a pill) can cause cancer many years down the road. Examples of these are folic acid, calcium.
  4. Shilajit consumption. It is believed in India and Tibet that the consumption of the natural occurring substance shilajit can be helpful in maintaining a high performance body and mind.
  5. Drinking green tea. There was already a post about the benefits of green tea in detail, but it has not been scientifically proven to help prevent cancer.

As of yet, there is currently no known prevention of cancer that works a majority of the time. There are certain things that do help to keep risks to a minimum, but some cancers run in the genes and cannot be prevented as far as we know at this time. Cancer prevention is a huge subject that deserves much, much, more further research.

The age old question still exists today: can tea drinking actually aid in the prevention of cancerous cells? Tea has been believed to be more than just healthy for the body – some cultures believe that it is essential to a high functioning and healthy human body.

Why do people believe so strongly in the healing power of Taiwan tea?

There are many reasons for the age old belief that tea is a curer of disease. It comes from the fact that many teas are packed full of antioxidants, which have been scientifically proven to fight and prevent certain types of cancer. However, there have been no conclusive tests on the link between cancer prevention and tea consumption. This is partly due to the correlation being either small, or non-existent, and partly due to and insignificant amount of relevant scientific studies being performed.

What are Catechins?

Catechins are the chemical inside teas that are thought to create most of the health benefits from drinking tea. Green tea is known to have the highest levels of catechins, and is the most recommended for general health and well being. It has not however been classified as a cancer prevention method. Watch out for store bought instant teas, because these typically contain only minimal levels of the catechins, because all the processing and drying has eliminated most of them. It is important when drinking tea for health benefit to focus on buying real, fresh, and high quality teas like taiwan tea, because this way you will get the highest health benefit.

Black tea also contains catechins, but contains the lowest amount of all the different kinds of tea.

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